Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba

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Membership Services


Presents and sponsors educational programs for health care professionals, volunteers and parish workers

  • Annual Conference and Assembly
  • Parish education sessions
  • CHAM Newsletter
  • IHCAM Update
  • CHAC World Day of the Sick resource packets


  • Identifies persons whose voice is not heard in health-related needs.
  • Informs members of unmet needs and facilitates a response to these needs.
  • Dialogues with the various levels of government to ensure the value of faith-based health care is available to Manitobans.
  • Staffs the Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba
  • Participation in the Public Consultation on Health Care in Manitoba
  • Presentation to the Romanow Commission on the future of health care in Canada
  • Response to the Ombudsman’s opinion on access to information for spiritual care providers, joint CHAM / IHCAM project
  • Participation in the review of the PHIA legislation, joint CHAM / IHCAM project
  • Participation on the Provincial Spiritual Advisory Committee to the Provincial Spiritual Care Position
  • Planning of communication strategy, IHCAM project


Provides advice and information assisting in the development of ownership models of Catholic health care facilities in order to maintain the presence of the Catholic community and the Church in the health care field.

  • CHAC values Integration Assessment Program
  • Health Care Leadership Program
  • Survey of spiritual care in Catholic health care facilities, in conjunction with Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba
  • Participation in the CHAC National Dialogue on the Future of Catholic Health Care in Canada


Studies ethical issues associated with health care and prepares guidelines which may assist in ethical decision-making

  • Response to the Manitoba Law Reform Commission discussion paper on Withholding and Withdrawing Life Sustaining Treatment
  • Advanced Directive Brochure
  • Preparation of a Nutrition / Hydration brochure for health care providers, patients, and families

Critical Relationships

  • Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry
  • Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and Education
  • Catholic Health Association of Canada
  • Catholic Health Association of the United States
  • Catholic Foundation of Manitoba
  • Catholic Physicians’ Guild of Manitoba
  • Health Care Ethics Committee Network
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Manitoba Interfaith Council
  • Manitoba Health Care Ethics Committee Network
  • Provincial Spiritual Advisory Committee
  • WRHA Spiritual Care Advisory Committee