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Welcome to Catholic Health Association of Manitoba

The Catholic Health Association of Manitoba (CHAM) is a voluntary, provincial association dedicated to the healing Ministry of the Catholic Church. Through its Ministries of education health care ethics, spiritual care, social justice and Catholic ownership, CHAM fulfills its mission CHAM fulfills its mission of compassionate concern and respect for all persons.

Our members span the continuum of social services, long term and continuing care, acute care, and seniors’ services across Manitoba.  Each year, we strive to foster relationships between our members through regular correspondence and newsletters, formation offerings, advocacy support, and special events.


Health organizations with Catholic identity across the country have become acutely aware of the need to better understand and respond to the specific needs of patients and families who are Indigenous.  We are called to be in relationship with these communities and have been challenged to do our part to learn and unlearn from mistakes and harms from the past.  

The Indigenous Reconciliation Fund was established to accept donations from Catholic entities across the country, and to advance healing and reconciliation initiatives, fulfilling the $30 million financial commitment made by Canada's bishops in September 2021.

The fund seeks to support projects that are determined locally, in collaboration with First Nations, Métis and Inuit partners. The following documents provide a summary of the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund and the grant application form.

- Indigenous Reconciliation Fund Overview

- Indigenous Reconciliation Fund Application Form

Your organization is encouraged to be in communication with your local bishop about the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund, and to assist people who may not have a traditional relationship with Church understand how to access the fund.



Recent News

CHAM Fall 2023 Newsletter
September 15, 2023
Bill C-7 - CHAC Statement
March 24, 2021

As you may have seen in the news, Bill C7 passed through the Senate last week. This bill allows people with chronic illness (including mental health) or disability whose natural death is not imminent or foreseeable to choose MAID. The Catholic Health Alliance of Canada has developed a BILL C-7 Statement.

Inclusion Winnipeg, who along with Inclusion Canada has also developed a strong position on this topic from the disability lens is also happy to have media directed their way.

Inclusion Winnipeg – Scott McFadyen’s contact info: or 431-887-1080

Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention has also had initial and then updated position papers on this topic:

CASP - Nancy Parker's contact info: or Ph: 204-336-5290     Mobile: 204-793-4128

CHAM – Julie Turenne-Maynard’s contact info: or 204-771-5585


First Nations Health and Wellness Colouring Book
March 23, 2021

Canadian Red Cross is excited to share that the First Nations Health and Wellness Colouring Book has recently been launched! This project was completed in partnership with Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and incorporates artwork from many different First Nation artists in Manitoba.

This project was financially supported through Jordan’s Principle, FNIHB as part of the ongoing partnership with First Nation communities to promote wellness and resiliency-building especially among young people.

The colouring book is available for download from our website and can be found here:

Faith Helps Fuel Canada's GDP
October 6, 2020
New research, "Faith Helps Fuel Canada's GDP" is a first ever study of Canada's Hidden Economy. This new research suggests religion produces measurable economic contributions to the common good: a 67.5 billion annual investment in Canadian society.  
"Amid pandemic-related job loss and economic worries, new research done by Brian and Melissa Grimm suggests there is a sector of Canadian society that plays an important, but often unrecognized, economic role: religion. The Hidden Economy: How Faith Helps Fuel Canada’s GDP, a new report from think tank Cardus, finds that religion’s annual contribution to Canadian society is worth an estimated $67.5 billion. That’s large enough to be the ninth biggest enterprise in the country – ahead of the Bank of Montreal. (See Cardus for full study or RFBF for overview.)Brian Grim, RFBF President

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