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Welcome to Catholic Health Association of Manitoba

The Catholic Health Association of Manitoba (CHAM) is a voluntary, provincial association dedicated to the healing Ministry of the Catholic Church. Through its Ministries of education health care ethics, spiritual care, social justice and Catholic ownership, CHAM fulfills its mission CHAM fulfills its mission of compassionate concern and respect for all persons.

Our members span the continuum of social services, long term and continuing care, acute care, and seniors’ services across Manitoba.  Each year, we strive to foster relationships between our members through regular correspondence and newsletters, formation offerings, advocacy support, and special events.


COVID-19 Support for Managers, staff and their families

The coronavirus pandemic is taking it's toll on many management teams, staff, residents, patients and families.  CHAM, in partnership with Réseau Compassion Network, Aulneau Renewal Centre, Sara Riel Inc., St.Amant and the Interfaith Healthcare Association of Manitoba, have put together a series of workshops, tools and resources to help and support those who are feeling compassion fatigue, anxiety, burnout, fear, and stressed.  Please refer to the Ministry of Care section of this website for a full list of offerings. 

Resources for you during this pandemic

Over the past several months, we have faced unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been forced to change many aspects of our personal and professional lives and know that this constant change can be exhausting and difficult on our mental health.

We are pleased to share a compilation of mental health resources here.

If there are other tools or resources that would be beneficial to you and your team at this time, please do not hesitate to let us know how we can further assist you.


Join the Journey - Body, Mind & Spirit 

Spiritual Care Training Series 

CHAM is offering a new program to expand the ability of CHAM member facilities and parishes to help people understand the aging journey and the role of spirituality in an older person's life.  Participants will develop a holistic understanding of an older person and be able to offer quality spiritual care. 

Participants would then have the tools to support people who may be frail, alone and lonely either in their homes, long-term care home, supportive housing complex or even hospital.

The training in this program is excellent for staff who work in a care home or hospital, for individuals caring for loved ones in their home or for people who visit with seniors in their homes or care homes.  

The training program consists of the following eight segments:

  • Understanding the ageing process
  • Spirituality in ageing
  • Good Communication
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Dementia
  • A New Home and a New Way of Life
  • Grief, Loss, Death and Dying
  • Roles, Boundaries and Self-Care

The upcoming program will be offered starting the week of September 28th, 2021.  If you are interested, please contact Julie Turenne-Maynard at

To view the poster click HERE.  

“This course was like...God handed it to me on a silver platter, so that I can listen, love and serve people much more deeply, wisely. Look at the timing! In our need, God provided. As before, indebted to you for offering the course.” 

Ruth, Participant

Recent News

World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly
July 25, 2021

Pope Francis instituted a Church-wide celebration of a World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly (July 25, 2021) as a reminder of the important role they play as a link between generations. He reminds us that “grandparents are often forgotten, and we forget this wealth of preserving roots and passing on” what the elderly have received.

Pope establishes World Day of Grandparents - YouTube

Bill C-7 - CHAC Statement
March 24, 2021

As you may have seen in the news, Bill C7 passed through the Senate last week. This bill allows people with chronic illness (including mental health) or disability whose natural death is not imminent or foreseeable to choose MAID. The Catholic Health Alliance of Canada has developed a BILL C-7 Statement.

Inclusion Winnipeg, who along with Inclusion Canada has also developed a strong position on this topic from the disability lens is also happy to have media directed their way.

Inclusion Winnipeg – Scott McFadyen’s contact info: or 431-887-1080

Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention has also had initial and then updated position papers on this topic:

CASP - Nancy Parker's contact info: or Ph: 204-336-5290     Mobile: 204-793-4128

CHAM – Julie Turenne-Maynard’s contact info: or 204-771-5585


First Nations Health and Wellness Colouring Book
March 23, 2021

Canadian Red Cross is excited to share that the First Nations Health and Wellness Colouring Book has recently been launched! This project was completed in partnership with Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and incorporates artwork from many different First Nation artists in Manitoba.

This project was financially supported through Jordan’s Principle, FNIHB as part of the ongoing partnership with First Nation communities to promote wellness and resiliency-building especially among young people.

The colouring book is available for download from our website and can be found here:

CHAM Spring Newsletter
March 15, 2021

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