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Welcome to Catholic Health Association of Manitoba

The Catholic Health Association of Manitoba (CHAM) is a voluntary, provincial association dedicated to the healing Ministry of the Catholic Church. Through its Ministries of education health care ethics, spiritual care, social justice and Catholic ownership, CHAM fulfills its mission.

Our members span the continuum of social services, long term and continuing care, acute care, and seniors’ services across Manitoba.

Each year, we strive to foster relationships between our members through regular correspondence along with events such as our Annual General Meeting, special events and conferences.

Through the ministries of education, healthcare ethics, spiritual care, Catholic ownership and social justice, CHAM fulfills its mission of compassionate concern and respect for all persons.

Recent News

2019 Election brochure promoting faith-based healthcare
July 30, 2019
Since CHAM's member organizations represent over 12% of Manitoba's health care budget, employing over 10,000 staff and attracting over 2000 volunteers, our collective voice for the value and important role faith-based health care plays in Manitoba also needs to be heard.

As your candidates these questions:

  1. Do you support the value of faith-based not for profit health and human service organizations and investments in Manitoba communities?

  2. What do you think distinguishes the leadership, engagement, decision-making, ethics and governance of independent boards in fiaht-based health care organizations?

  3. How do you see funding for spiritual health as part of Manitoba's health care system going forward?  Do you advocate status quo or increased funding?

  4. How would you enhance fiaht-based organizations' partnerhsip with Government over the next 4 years?

  5. What is your vision for the health of our community - for health services to support people of all ages?


2019 Election Articles focusing on Health Care
July 29, 2019

Stay informed on health care issues that are being discussed during this year's provincial election by clicking onto the following links:

NDP, PCs wrangle about private nurses in hospitals - August 9, 2019

Greens tout carbon tax, guaranteed income, better health care in campaign platform - August 9, 2019

Kinew's plan dogged by NDP's debt habit - August 8, 2019

Manitobans' health care the priority as NDP launches election campaign - August 7, 2019

Unions decry expensive forced battle to win health workers' votes - August 6, 2019

Lamont unveils addictions plan - July 20, 2019 

National Pharmacare Program would save lives - July 19, 2019 

'There were a lot of tears': Patients' deaths put spotlight on bedsores 

Manitoba Election 2019 Promise Tracker: Where do the parties stand on the major issues? 
- July 16, 2019

Premier, help us to deliver pharmacare for all Manitobans - July 04, 2019

Singh invokes Tommy Douglas to pitch 2019 election platform - June 16, 2019

Investments to improve access to mental health, additions treatment to Manitobans - June 10, 2019:

Confidence is lost': Report on health-care overhaul finds major problems - June 10, 2019

Province investing nearly $28M in Healthcare capital projects - May 28, 2019

Province Investing Nearly $28 Million in Health Care - May 298, 2019:

Clinical Consolodation Plans - May 16, 2019:

Election call shouldn't drive health care decisions - May 15, 2019

Nearly four out of 10 Manitobans feel health care gotten worse: Probe poll:   May 6, 2019

Health care funding deal mostly a dog and pony show - April 16, 2019

Green Party of Manitoba position on health care

Matter of principle Philpott explains role of religion in her decision-making process
June 30, 2019
Matter of principle - Winnipeg Free Press
Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press files</p><p>Independent MP Jane Philpott is a member of Community Mennonite Church in Stouffville, Ont., and served as a missionary doctor in Africa for over 10 years.</p></p></p>


An In-Depth Look at the Manitoba Health Care System
June 30, 2019

Explore Manitoba Health Care Using Health Indicators

View in-depth information on the health of Canadians in Manitoba and on the Manitoba health care system. This interactive data provides insight into hospitals and long-term care organizations using a series of health indicators. Information is available on health care safety, efficiency, access, person-centredness, and appropriateness and effectiveness, as well as on health status and social determinants of health. 

NEW ! Health Ethics Guide Sponsor and Board Formation and Learning App
June 11, 2019

A new interactive learning app on the Health Ethics Guide is now available for free on both the Apple App Store (for iPhones) and the Google Play store (for Android phones).

To access the app using an iPhone, navigate from your phone to the App Store and within the search window, search “Health Ethics Guide Module”. You can then download the app by clicking the ‘GET’ icon  or the ‘cloud’ icon.

To access the app using an Android device, please click the following link:

Developed by Covenant Health with support from Catholic Health of Alberta, the app features personal interviews of the Governing Council and other leaders in Catholic health care, including key articles, principles, and practical applications of the Guide.  It is intended to guide sponsors and boards in exercising their roles and accountabilities to ensure the ethical integrity of their sponsored works.    

Given the complex and often nuanced ethical issues we face in Catholic health care today, sponsors will benefit from a deeper exploration of the rich ethical and theological tradition upon which the Guide is based.   With its user-friendly format, case studies, and content testing questions, the app serves as a formation experience of this moral tradition, and its relevance in guiding decision-making at both the clinical bedside and board table.

A French language version will be available in the future. 

Please cascade this information throughout your system, and encourage discussing different sections of the app at meetings throughout the year for your own sponsor formation.

For technical assistance regarding access, navigation or subsequent upgrades of the app please contact the general intake email at

Any other questions around the subject matter or use of the app can be directed to Gordon Self at

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